Jan. 1st, 2008

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We had a few drops of champagne at midnight - we went to the New Year's Eve Gala at Lorenzo's Timonium Dinner Theater in - you guessed it - Timonium, and saw "And Then There Were None" which ended at 11:45 and then the cast, which were also the waitpeople, served champagne to everyone and we all made noise and sang Auld Lang Syne, and then we split. Dropped Cindy off, passed a wreck on the highway that seemed to have at least one law enforcement vehicle as one of the crunch-ees. Home safe, drink some decaf tea.

Some goals for the new year - not resolutions, but things I'm going to aim toward:
1. I noticed that my 105 books in 2007 list was awfully heavy on murder mysteries, and fiction in general. I think I'll aim for reading at least 25 non-fiction works that aren't crafts books or cookbooks, in 2008; that should be about one every 2 weeks. Expect a lot more pop science books.
2. I've got a list of nine specific crafts projects I have started that I want to finish before too long - preferably, before I start any other new ones. And while I'm at it, use up more of my yarn backlog, and buy less new yarn than last year. It's a goal, not a promise.
3. Cindy wants a crocheted rag rug - start in on one of those after I finish goal number 2.
4. The usual weight loss thing.
5. I've got seven pieces of music that are either still in my head or have barely been started on paper; finish at least one of them to the point of full score and parts! (°Freethinkers March, °Rejoice, °Bad Kitty, °Solemn Fanfare, °Canon on Maoz Tzur, °SAD Song, °Hora, Hora, Hora. That's just enough to remind me what I'm thinking of.)

That's more than enough. And so to bed.
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We're still here - let's make the most of it!

I'm going to try to remember to take my BP and pulse every day instead of once a week or so. Today it's 127/70, pulse 73. It's a good habit to have, and I need to stick to it.

I was moderate enough at last night's gala buffet not to have gained any weight today - neither fat nor water retention from too much sodium; I stuck mostly to the vegetable items on the buffet, and avoided the roast beef dripping in "au jus" which is usually salty enough for mackerel to swim in.

To do this year:
The usual "lose 10 pounds."
Remember to take BP and pulse, mentioned above.
Eat out less, at home more often. I got one of those neat "as seen on TV" vegetable choppers from my sister for Christmas; I will be making more stews and vegetable soups!


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